Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Poncho is Back

Can't believe January almost come to an end.
Gosh, is it still 24 hours a day? because I feel my days gone just like that. 
What's new, besides new instagram live feature, which I could say pretty much mimicking existing live streaming app, but still addicting. Somehow I could immerse myself into live streaming or snapchat, just seeing a mother playing with her baby, couple playing with their pet or even just a girl get ready for the day. Oh, am i lack of activities so I could spend hours watching those live videos? Ooops, sorry not to sorry but that's my guilty pleasure for sure!

Ok, now into the outfit. 
Today's ensemble is poncho with a belt accent from Day and Night. 
I notice this brand maybe around a year ago, I love how they compound the minimalist vibe and monochromatic play into their collection and looks utterly stand out. I'm obsessed.
I paired this poncho with lace skirt underneath, barely seen, because I want to avoid something heavy on the bottom, so it could still look casual, comfy and stylish.
In short, I'm just so in love with this outfit. 

Do you like this ensemble? Please comment below what's your thought. 

What I'm wearing

Poncho // Day and Night
Bag // Celine Trio
Heels // YSL Tribute 

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