Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nature Crush: A Little Note to Myself

Lately I have found a new obsession in watercolour painting. The painting looks real and feel magical and dreamy that attract me the most. Even just a simple paint like cirrus clouds or old tree couldn't stop me from wondering. Since my obsession grew, I started to look the surrounding differently. 

When I'm in the car, I look up to the sky and gaze on clouds pose in the daylight. It's fascinating. I seldom read stories and quotes about how we are busy with our gadget and somehow we missed the beauty of our surroundings, and it's undeniably true. So, here's a little note to myself, stop looking at your gadget, you can still catch the pokemon or even just to post 10-seconds snap (which will be gone eventually) later on. However, to catch the glimpse of nature, people and the surroundings that will last in your memories.

Speaking of nature, I remember about these photos. These were taken months ago, I don't know why it took me ages to post them, I guess the struggle of being a procrastinator is real. I want to create some holiday-glamping mood in this shoot, that's why we took the outdoor setting. The ensemble for this look is white jumpsuit by Alto. I love their clothing line, the design is modern, authentic and give that "attitude" vibe.

Hope you're having a great weekend ahead and see you in the next post! (I'll try to post more for this blog...finger-crossed)

What I'm wearing

Jumpsuit // Alto by Vicario
Heels // YSL Tribute
Lensed by // Rony Dozer

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