Friday, October 28, 2016

Just Another Day in Monochrome Ensemble

My affinity for monochrome style is massive. I think black is my happy colour and white is sort of the yin to the yang, it makes everything looks balance, simple and still stylish. Although sometimes I tend to look wearing the same thing, but I am not. That's why I love monochrome style with a little bit of unexpected twist here and there.

The outfit that I was wearing is from Maryalle Monday Vol. 2. Maryalle Monday is the second line from its sister, Maryalle Official, which bring more into fresh and chic vibes. I love Maryalle Official but I am more toward something that I could use on everyday basis, something foolproof and still utterly stylish.

The top is looks like two-pieces but it basically comes in one piece with the outer. and the pants, it's slightly wide in the bottom with front slit. I must say the slit accent gives a little twist so it doesn't look like just your ordinary black pants. This is what I meant about wearing monochrome with a twist. Overall their collections is major love! They is running out so fast, especially the most favourite pieces (don't say I didn't warn you!).

What I'm wearing

Top // Maryalle Monday
 Slit Pants // Maryalle Monday
Clutch // Demanta clutch by Alexander McQueen
Heels // YSL Tribute
Lensed by // Rony Dozer

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